Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.09.26 AM Tanya Menendez, Maker’s Row

Tanya Menendez is the Co-Founder and CMO of Maker’s Row.
Maker’s Row is a Brooklyn-based online marketplace for American manufacturers with network of over 6,500 manufacturers and 75,000 designers and brands creating products in the USA.
Growing up in California, Tanya studied technology and its socioeconomic impacts on rural economies at UC San Diego. Tanya’s research in ethnography and sociology was published in several industry-leading journals. Before Maker’s Row, Tanya managed operations within Google, Goldman Sachs and a leather goods line, The Brooklyn Bakery. While at The Brooklyn Bakery, she came up with the idea to create a platform for entrepreneurs to be able to easily access American manufacturers. Combining her experience in operations and automation with Matthew’s experience in global manufacturing, they started Maker’s Row.

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