patrick Patrick Stoddart, Cofounder/CTO, Phone2Action

Since he was 11, Patrick has been tinkering with technology. Starting on the family computer, he was captivated by the ability to quickly build and iterate on ideas. His hunger for teaching himself everything he possibly could quickly turned into a desire to develop platforms to solve real-world problems. He built his own content management system and licensed it to a few companies to finance his first computer (and, later, his first car), so he could keep building. At 16, before even graduating from high school, he started his first company to solve communications and scheduling problems he experienced as a student.

Patrick went on to a four-year university, but left after two years to pursue his first venture and follow his passion full-time. A year later, in early 2013, he joined Phone2Action as co-founder and CTO. Phone2Action helps nonprofits, trade associations, and government agencies activate and engage their supporters through technology to effect change.

Patrick is a 2013 Fellow and current member of PIPELINE — a prestigious fellowship

program for rising, high-growth entrepreneurs. He is also a Thiel Fellowship Ambassador — a group founded by Peter Thiel for dozens of young people (most 20- years-old and under) pursuing unique, innovative ideas and following their own educational paths.

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