pablo Pablo Manriquez, Democratic National Committee

Born in Chile and raised in Missouri, Pablo Manriquez is the Director of Hispanic Media for the Democratic National Committee.  Since joining the DNC communications team this in April, Manriquez has appeared on-air as his party’s Spanish-language spokesperson on Univision, Telemundo, CNNE, NTN24, as well as a range of local and radio shows. Online and in print, his on-the-record comments have appeared in English and Spanish in publications as diverse as the Wall Street Journal, Fox News Latino, Financial Times, Latin Post, and POLITICO. In July, when asked about Donald Trump’s assertion that he will win the Latino vote, Manriquez dropped the first ever No Mames in the history of Forbes.
Social Media Background
Manriquez had a MySpace before he had an email address. In October of 2004, Manriquez joined Facebook when he should have been paying attention during a British Politics class just off Trafalger Square in London.  After studying politics at Notre Dame, Manriquez administered several Latinos for Obama regional Facebook pages during the historic social media campaign in 2008.  Days after election day in November, Manriquez’s first tweet announced his “getting started on twitter”.  For work, follow him @pablo_dnc.  For miscellany, follow him at @vato.  Instagram: @pablo_manriquez
Wikipedia remains his favorite social media. For this election, Manriquez very excited about Snapchat…where you can follow him at mnrqz.

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