Moschella Michael Moschella, founder and CEO of the Organizing Center

Michael Moschella is a founder and CEO of the Organizing Center (Organizing.Center), the central hub for understanding cutting edge organizing strategy and tactics. He was previously Vice President at NationBuilder where he managed a team of fifty digital organizers who built engaged communities for political parties, governments, nonprofits and major brands in dozens of countries. For that work, Michael was recently named one of the 50 top campaign influencers in America by Campaigns & Elections Magazine.

Michael has worked passionately to build leadership development infrastructure throughout his career. He is a founder and board member of New Leaders Council, which runs half-year training institutes for young civic entrepreneurs in 35 cities across the country. He also served as Chief Organizer for the Truman National Security Project and the Center for National Policy, where he was as a go-to trainer and political adviser on national security and foreign policy issues for hundreds of candidates. Michael’s work for the Truman Project earned him the designation as one of the top 10 democratic “Rising Stars” of politics in 2012. He also serves on the boards of other major training organizations: the Netroots Foundation, Democratic Gain and the New American Leaders Project.

Michael’s early career was focused on state and federal level campaign management at the state and congressional level; one of the pioneers of applying digital voter files, voter targeting analytics, and online outreach strategies for campaigns in MA, CA, FL, and NY. He was part of the founding team of the New Politics Institute after the 2004 elections, which worked to familiarize campaign consultants and advocacy organizations with new tools in the internet era. He is still engaged in this work as a member of the Analyst Institute and an advisory board member of Long Distance Voter.

Michael is a graduate of Cornell University, a fan of the Pope and Jesuits in general, a commissioned Kentucky Colonel and an amateur whiskey expert who sometimes runs professional bourbon tastings (delicious!), a proud native of Boston, and an avid Boston sports fan. #BostonStrong


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