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The hugely popular YouTube channel /RealityChangers (, which has over to 180 million views, was started by Jorge Narvaez, a young father with the desire to share songs, stories, skits and more all with a focus on family, community, art and music. The channel follows Jorge along with his two daughters, Alexa and Eliana, as they record cover songs, take on family adventures, and chronicle their lives all through video.

Narvaez began uploading personal vlogs (video-blogs) to YouTube in 2005 and as his channel and its content grew and evolved, fans began to follow. In December 2010. Jorge and daughter Alexa uploaded a cover of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ song “Home” and within days millions of people around the world took notice. The video’s viral success caught the attention of Ryan Seacrest, Ellen DeGeneres, Th eHuffington Post,CNN, Time Magazine, America’s got Talent and many more, securing a now loyal fan base that continues to stay engaged with all things. The channel features new content each week appealing to its 600,000+ subscribers.

The name /RealityChangers stems from Narvaez’s involvement in the Reality Changers Foundation ( which he helped found in 2001. The foundation gives inner-city students the academic, financial and emotional resources to go to college; and as a first-generation graduate of both high school and college himself, the Reality Changers program was a driving force in Narvaez’s own education success. Narvaez strives to teach his daughters the same values that he learned through the foundation—the ability and drive to create and change their own reality.

Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Jorge Narvaez grew up in San Diego, California where he currently lives with his daughters Alexa and Eliana. Alexa, born December 1, 2004, and Eliana, born October 13, 2008, star with Jorge on their popular YouTube channel /RealityChangers

A first-generation graduate of high school and college, Narvaez has a degree from the University of California San Diego with a focus in ethnic studies, visual arts, international migration studies and literature. He planned to pursue a career in law—taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and beginning his applications—however, just before graduation his cover of Edward Sharpe &The Magnetic Zeros’ “Home,” with daughter Alexa, erupted on his /RealityChangers channel—making them a viral hit. The pair were invited to perform the song on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (, were featured in a Hyundai commercial ( and even performed on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” ( The video attracted fans from around the world that now are loyally engaged in Narvaez’s /RealityChangers channel. Fans follow their weekly conversations, songs, and life adventures.

Narvaez hopes to continue to create content that fans can identify with and enjoy while also expanding the/RealityChangers brand to new platforms such as children’s books, short films, original songs and more. He participates in speaking opportunities, communicating his life lessons as a young father and hopes to pursue long-term additional leadership roles that benefit the Latino community. He can speak not only about the challenges and steps it takes to become a first-generation college graduate but also the challenges of being a teen father and taking on a co-parenting role to two small children.

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