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Gloria Del Castillo is National Program Manager for Buckle Up for Life. Working closely with Toyota and trauma specialists, she helped create the program  in 2004 at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where she works as part of the Injury prevention group. Del Castillo is an expert on child passenger safety and a leader in the effort to keep kids safe. In creating Buckle Up for Life, she brought to bear more than 6 years of experience as a child educator, program developer, published author, Hispanic advocate, and vigilant mother. Under her guidance, Buckle Up for Life has grown from a local safety initiative in Cincinnati to a national program with a presence in 15 major cities across the country and partnerships with 14 leading pediatric hospitals. Gloria is passionate about her work and, despite Buckle Up for Life’s success thus far, won’t be satisfied until every family is provided with the education and resources necessary for keeping their children safe.

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