carolina ortiz Carolina Ortiz

Carolina Ortiz Social Communicator graduated with emphasis on political communication.
Beyond her career, communication for her is a lifetime vocation in order to contribute to society. Applying her expertise on helping women to face professional, emotional, family and intellectual challenges.
Her training has been certified as a Life Coach with a major in Ontological Coaching Design involving Management and Leadership from Patricia Hashuel Institute. Additionally she holds a Makeup Masters course at Gabriel Production in Miami to teach women develop beauty and fashion skills.
Carolina Ortiz’s Project has been created with love for woman and deep appreciation of the capabilities women have to influence society. Empowering Woman to a Higher Level. By using social media tools to get aware Spanish-speaking women in coaching issues like beauty, relationship, family, motherhood, lifestyle and self-esteem. Characterized with a charisma that allows her to be close to her audience (women of all ages) to interact with them, Caro wants to inspire women to be the best version of herself every day.

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