andrea Andrea Chaves, The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria

Andrea Chaves has revolutionized student experience in TYWLS by transforming all her classrooms into digitalized, student-centered learning zones. Her innovative techniques of blending technology and core classes have made her become the beacon of technology innovation for the TYWLS community. She has successfully created various technology internships where she recruits and trains student leaders in the implementation of technologies to assist teachers and students to propel high level of learning. Andrea never ceases to bring and create new opportunities that benefit and enrich the TYWLS community. She has successfully established partnerships with Girls Who Code, Globaloria, Tribeca Films Institute, Apple, BuzzFeed and RBC. Her work has exposed and inspired many young women to become interested and involved in STEAM fields focusing on coding, as a way to inspire young women to take interest in the male dominated fields of technology. Andrea is always encouraging her students to be active participants on their education and to keep “cracking the code”.

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