AlfredoCastapic-2 Alfredo Casta, GWHCC

Alfredo Casta, GWHCC Board Chairman and CEO and Founder of Cascades Technologies

CEO and founder of Cascades Technologies, Inc. (CTi), Alfredo Casta has led the organization to become one of Inc. 500/5000 magazine’s fastest growing companies for seven consecutive years.

Mr. Casta combines technical expertise, solid management skills and an unrelenting mission focus to accomplish results in the service of the American public. Under the tenants of Think – Build – Measure, CTi delivers IT Governance services, Technical Solutions, and Project Management expertise to key cabinet agencies such as Labor, GSA, NIH, Justice, and Treasury.

Prior to CTi, Mr. Casta served in a variety of information technology roles in the U.S. Department of Labor. As Division Chief, Mr. Casta led his organization in the development of many systems and mission critical applications of the Office of Systems Development.

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