Albert Morales Albert Morales, DNC

Albert Morales uses his years of experience working for the Democratic Party to advance the Democratic National Committee’s Hispanic engagement efforts throughout the country. Mr. Morales has an extensive network of relationships within the national party and throughout Washington, which allows him to secure timely intelligence, gain rare insight into federal decision-making processes, and help position the party for success.

This is Morales’s third tour with the DNC. Prior to re-joining the DNC he formed Albert Morales Strategies, LLC where he focused on business development efforts with technology firms seeking to enter the government affairs space. Mr. Morales also served as a Vice President for Cassidy & Associates. During his years with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) Morales maintained relationships and communication with the members of congress, state and local elected officials and various advocacy groups.

Through the DNC 50 State Strategy, Morales developed and managed the implementation of new models for how the DNC interacts with the Hispanic electorate in the run up to the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary Election. Also at the DNC, Mr. Morales served as Regional Political Director for the Committee’s 2000 Redistricting Project. In this role, he developed a political strategy to work with state parties to promote favorable redistricting plans, and worked with house and senate caucuses in state legislatures to advocate for consensus on redistricting maps.

In between stints with the DNC, Morales worked for the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) as Federal Liaison and Policy Advisor to DGA Chairman Governor Bill Richardson. Mr. Morales advised the Governor on policy, and supported the efforts of Democratic Governors with regard to fundraising and strategic campaign initiatives. He also served as DGA liaison to Democratic Governors in the Hall of States and the National Governors Association. Mr. Morales was an early adopter of social media and can be followed at al_moral.

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