El Hackathon


The National LATISM Hacking Marathon (Hack-athon) is an event where developers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and designers  join forces and engage in collaborative computer programming.

The goal is to build a “Hack” over the duration of the hackathon and introduce new technologies or concepts that address an issue in the Latino community or tap into the Latino market.

El Hackathon is a launch pad for ideas, a place where developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and curious minds meet to build fun and innovative projects. You don’t have to be an expert developer to participate,  you just need to have the drive to learn and play with code!

Attendance is FREE for those who wish to participate in the Hackathon.

El Hackathon is part of the #LATISM15 conference. Hackathon participants do not need to buy a conference ticket. All you  need is a laptop, a great idea, and the stamina to work on your project for 24 hours! Space is limited so secure your spot early.

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